When I was the butt of jokes at Panda Express

Panda Express

I recently had a meeting at the Wichita State University Rhatigan Student Center. At that same time, I was hungry and decided to swing by Panda Express as many of the other options were closed.

There I ordered a bowl of Kung Pao chicken with noodles which was roughly $8.

Panda Express

Once I sat down to eat, a couple of students proceeded to walk by and take a table across from me. I noticed one of the students had his pants sagged down around his mid-thigh. At the time, I thought nothing of it and proceeded to eat my meal.

The chicken was decently sauced, but I found the vegetables to be very soggy and mushy. There was a minimal amount of heat to the dish, which I didn’t mind at all. Once I mixed the bowl around and got to the noodles, they were dry and stiff. It made me wonder how long the noodles had been sitting out and if they were made of plastic. Needless to say, the meal was pretty bad.

That wasn’t even the worst part. The student with the saggy pants who sat directly in front of me had his butt crack entirely exposed and staring right back at me. A couple of times, I caught him looking back at me and his shoulders shaking as if he was laughing, which made me think he was doing it on purpose. Then, I started looking around, wondering if I was on an episode of Punk’d or any other reality show. Nope, no cameras, just a butt staring back at me.

So, my experience of Panda Express consisted of a dry, bland meal with a half-assed ambiance to match (or in this case, a full-assed ambiance).

Happy Dining,

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