Checking out The Shake Truck

The Shake Truck

Probably the truck I see out more than anybody is The Shake Truck. It’s a food truck that specializes in protein shakes and fresh fruit shakes.

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This style of shake is not something I often review, simply because I’m not sure if I can taste the difference between many of the protein shakes out there.

But because they were out at one of the rallies, I decided to still give them a try. The lines were long, and part of the reason may be because they were taking all their orders by pen and paper. I’m not sure if that’s something they regularly do, but it caused quite a few forgotten orders where the person running the truck had to ask customers what they ordered.

Aside from that, we ordered a strawberry shake. It wasn’t anything overly memorable, nor was it bad. To me, it was just another shake I’ve had from other protein shake shops around town.

The Shake Truck

They were definitely doing something right though because the Shake Truck had one of the longest lines with many people ordering shakes all evening.

Here’s the menu.

The Shake Truck

The Shake Truck

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