First Look at Busy B’s Lunch Delivery

Busy B's Lunch Delivery

One of the food trucks I’ve seen have a bigger presence around town this year is Busy B’s Lunch Delivery. Their Facebook page states they offer an authentic Latin flavor you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve seen them parked on the weekends at The Truck Stop and swung by to check them out.

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At the very top of the menu, I saw an item called Chicken Crack Combo. I asked what it was and it was a fried chicken cutlet that came with two sides. That sounded great, so I went with that along with an empanada. My two sides were rice & beans and french fries for my daughter.

She dug the fries and devoured those quickly. I liked the chicken and the flavor of the breading, but felt it was slightly over-fried, which gave it a tougher texture. Otherwise, everything else was pretty good. The empanadas were a different style than say Argentina’s Empanadas. Busy B’s were filled with beef and cheese and had a crispier exterior, but still satisfying.

What really stole the show was the cheesecake xango. This was a fried cheesecake that was topped with ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries, cinnamon and sugar. The chicken meal was called Chicken Crack and this should have been called Cheesecake Crack because it was extremely addictive. We probably had five spoons scooping this up all at once.

Busy B's Lunch Delivery Menu

Here’s the menu.

Busy B's Lunch Delivery

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