First look at the Vegan comfort food from Shea’s Sol Kitchen

Shea's Sol Kitchen

Towne West Square isn’t really a place that people go out of their way for when it comes to dining, but Shea’s Sol Kitchen is looking to change that. The new restaurant who celebrates their grand opening on Saturday, April 9, had a soft opening and we made sure to stop by to get a first-hand look at the Vegan soul food spot.

4600 W Kellogg Dr., Wichita, KS 67209

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When it comes to Vegan food in town, there aren’t many fully dedicated places for it. I should add that I’m not Vegan, but love everybody’s take on food and wanted to give them a shot.

Their menu, when they officially open, consists of Vegan dishes like burgers sandwiches, chicken tenders and more; classic comfort foods that everybody loves. Of course, their takes will be different considering it’s Vegan.

When I dropped by, they had a different menu consisting of crunch wraps which was their take on a Taco Bell crunch wrap, nachos, and asada tacos made with seitan. I fully intend to return when their full menu rolls out, but this was a good quick look at what they could do.

Shea's Sol Kitchen

The asada tacos were very enjoyable and I honestly forgot I was eating Vegan food. I didn’t notice anything different regarding texture or flavor that would throw me off. That was a huge selling point for me, considering I’m not all that familiar with the Vegan anything. The nachos were another hit as well as the crunch wraps. What I probably enjoyed most, outside the flavor, was that the food didn’t feel so heavy upon finishing it. With comfort food, you want to fall asleep right after eating. That wasn’t the case here.

I think it was a good sneak peek into what they are fully capable of, and am really excited to return for their burgers and chicken tenders. There are people who get so fired up about anything Vegan food, but for me, I don’t care at all what the food is, what it’s made of, or what it looks like. If it tastes good, sign me up.

Here are more pictures of the food:

Here’s their menu.

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