The future of Wichita’s culinary scene can be found at Maize High School with The 266

Maize ProStart 266

At the Maize Career Academy, you can find the future of our local culinary scene. Maize High School through their academy has been hosting a small sandwich pop-up called The 266. It’s completely ran by the students, everything from food prep, running the mini-restaurant, marketing, cooking, handling online orders, you name it…. The 266 is all on those students.

The small pop-up is only going on for the week. I want to thank Daylan, a reader, who also happened to be a past student. He reached out to me to let me know of the event, so I did my best to clear some time to stop by and show some support.

The 266 is located at 11700 W 45th St N which is at the northeast corner of 119th and 45th street.

Everything was simple using their online ordering system. I was able to go on their website, pick out what I wanted, pay, and tip online. I went with the Pesto Chicken Mozzarella combo which came with a berry crumb bar along with a Spicy Chicken Thai Salad. For my drink, I went with cranberry lemonade.

There was an option to dine in or choose curbside pick up where you could drive up the half circle in front of the building and have the food delivered to your car.

I went with dine-in. There was a huge commons area with plenty of seating.

As for the food, fantastic. At their age, they’ve already surpassed my culinary schools. I particularly really loved salad. It was fresh, light, with a small kick of heat. The Thai chili vinaigrette is now something I’ll have to add to my shopping list. The sandwich was the perfect portion size, and at $6, it was a steal of a meal.

Big kudos to the kids. I got the chance to briefly check out the culinary kitchen and it was cool to see the teamwork and collaboration going on. I asked around and many of the graduates of the program have gone on to culinary school, event management, hospitality and current employees of restaurants around the city. 

If you want to show them some love and check it out, place your orders at Once again, Maize Career Academy is located at 11700 W 45th St N, on the Southwest corner of Maize High School with a separate entrance that faces west/119th St. They will only be open on from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For more on The 266, check out the Maize ProStart’s Facebook page. And lastly, here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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