Millie Ray and Sons cinnamon rolls have arrived in Wichita!

Millie Ray and Sons

Calling every single cinnamon roll fan in Wichita. There’s something new for you that’s finally arrived, Millie Ray and Sons cinnamon rolls. The frozen foods company, popular for their orange rolls, have expanded their footprint to include Wichita.

You can find Millie Ray and Sons’ orange rolls and cinnamon rolls at the Target Superstores at East 21st Street or North Maize Road. I’m sure nobody’s surprised, but we had to give them a try.

Each package of rolls comes with 12-mini rolls. What I like about them is the convenience. You can either microwave them for seconds or pop them in the oven. The lazy part of me wanted to use the microwave, but my family vetoed the decision and we opted for the oven, which didn’t take that long at all.

Millie Ray and Sons

While we waited, I looked through some information on Millie Ray and Sons. Come to find out, their bakery is a nut-free facility. There are no peanuts, tree nuts, or other nuts used.

Soon after, our rolls were done and all the adults and kids rushed to the counter to get their hands on them. Everybody certainly had their favorites. Some of the kids preferred the cinnamon rolls, while our youngest and I were fans of the orange rolls.

The cinnamon rolls were a classic take with plenty of frosting on top, while the orange rolls had a zesty, more vibrant flavor to them. In the end, our bellies were the big winners. Both pans were devoured. I won’t lie, I probably had five rolls myself and didn’t regret a single second of it.

Millie Ray and Sons

Millie Ray and Sons

We even cooked another package the next day. Is there anything wrong with eating rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I say no.

And if you aren’t looking to indulge in an entire pan of rolls in one sitting, a convenient benefit is that you can microwave the rolls individually. They take anywhere from 10-30 seconds to microwave whether frozen or thawed. I didn’t really notice any difference in texture or flavor. This is the same look you might have after trying the microwave option vs. oven method: pure shock and enjoyment.

Right now, the Millie Ray and Sons’ rolls are only available at both the east and northwest Wichita Targets. Go get your roll on.

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