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Shop Local: Spicy J’s Seasonings

Spicy J’s Seasonings

Spicy J's Seasonings

One of the local businesses I’ve been using for seasonings and spices is Spicy J’s Seasonings. It’s a vendor you may have seen at the Farmer’s Market at 21st and Ridge or even at Shop & Grub.

Spicy J’s started a few years ago when they only had a few seasonings to choose from. Back then it was just the 5 Taux, On Purpose and Intentional. They each had varying levels of heat that each person in my family loved. In the past, we’ve used it on pork, ribs, chili, and even with edamame for a snack. It packed plenty of heat, but in such a flavorful way.

Since then, they’ve grown their product line to 12 different offerings. I was finally able to catch them at Festive ICT’s Shop & Grub to restock on some spices and seasonings for the upcoming grilling season.

They allowed customers to sample all of them to help make a decision based on what best suited their needs.

The owner, Jerry Jones, made me a couple of recommendations as I told him I was looking for something to use with chicken and wanted some heat. He suggested I try the FM Good which was their Creole blend as well as the Fierce Garlic which he said worked great on wings, fries, popcorn, you name it. I trusted his recommendations and didn’t even bother taste testing them.

I’ll be trying them out ASAP and will likely share the results on our Instagram page once I get to cooking.

For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

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