Tickets are now on sale for my first ever public speaking event about my blog

Wichita Professional Communicators

For years, I’ve generally avoided public appearances, media requests, etc. but after 11 years, I decided why not try it once. A friend involved with the Wichita Professional Communicators reached out to me to speak in front of their monthly group meetings, which I guess is also open to the public.

I, generally, would have said no, but my gut told me to say yes and I did. This could be my only speaking event for the next 11 years again.

So, on May 4 at Larkspur Bistro & Bar at 11:30 a.m., whatever suckers who are willing to waste an hour and a half of their time are welcome to come listen to whatever I have to say about my journey and adventure blogging about Wichita, the food scene, poking fun at our city and all the things.

Tickets, available here, include a lunch buffet, water, tea and coffee. Part of what drew me to the event the most is that proceeds from ticket sales go to award an annual scholarship to a student studying in a communication-related degree field at an area university. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Advance tickets: WPC members $20; Non-Members $25
  • Walk-ins: WPC members $25; Non-Members $30
  • Students are always $10

I know with spacing, tickets are limited so either the event will sell out or I’ll be speaking to 3 or 4 which will remind me of home.

Keep in mind, I still have no idea what I’ll talk about. I could wing it, I could just share stories, I could call some people out, share what the local media thinks about me, who knows what you’ll be in store for. The event will not be available online via Zoom, no pictures or videos will be recorded. It’s all the old-fashioned way of how speaking events used to be.

If you can’t think of a better way to spend $20-30, come on by. If you can, I completely understand and feel you on this one.

Get Your Tickets Here.

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