Trying chaat for my first time at Chaat House

Chaat House

Last time I was at the Rhatigan Student Center on the Wichita State University campus, I saw a place called Chaat House. It was located in the food court area, but only open for a few hours during the week. It’s a place I’ve never been to, so I made sure to clear some time during lunch to check them out.

1845 N. Fairmount St., Wichita, KS 67260

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

Chaat House is a quick-service Indian restaurant that sells rolls and bowls similar to a Chipotle style, as well as their signature chaat. The latter was new to me. From speaking with the staff, chaat appeared to be a generalized term for simple street food in India and other parts of South Asia.

For example, the chaat at Chaat House was either savory deep-fried pastries, otherwise known as samosa, spicy curry potato fritters called tikki and savory deep-fried vegetables, or vegetable pakora. I hope I did the best job explaining it based on what they told me.

The chaat were all fried and looked like large triangles, about twice the size of pizza rolls. They recommended I try a mix of Tikki and Samosa which they mashed up and topped with some aloo chole which was basically stewed chickpeas, along with vegetables, spices and an array of sauces.

Chaat House

This was the final product.

I didn’t know what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised by it. The chickpeas gave the chaat some texture to balance out the mashed up tikki and samosas. The sauces provided a variety of different flavors. There wasn’t really any heat to it. Overall, I really enjoyed it and finished by little bowl fairly quickly. I even made my way back to the staff to give them some much deserved kudos on a quick, affordable meal.

Chaat House

I’m not sure if most people will go out of their way to Wichita State’s student center to give it a try over lunch. But if you do, it certainly won’t break the bank.

Here’s our video look at Chaat House:

@wichitabyeb Have you ever had an Indian street food called chaat before? This was my first time giving it a try and I loved it! #fyp #chaat #streetfood #letseat #foodies ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Here’s their menu:

Chaat House

Chaat House

Chaat House

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