Shop Local: Primal Beef Jerky

Primal Beef Jerky

I first came across Primal Beef Jerky while shopping at the Old Town Farm & Art Market. They’re a local producer of beef jerky. There, I tried a few samples and took a bag of their Sweet & Spicy home. The family loved it.

After that moment, I would see their bags of beef jerky around different convenient stores and places around town such as the golf course in Cheney, KS and Exploration Place. Primal Beef Jerky also happened to be a vendor at Exploration Place’s Death By Chocolate.

Do you ever have a few drinks (maybe more) and end up going home with more than you had planned? That happened, and I got my hands on every single flavor of Primal’s beef jerky. Let me tell you, it wasn’t the worst decision ever.

There are so many styles of beef jerky, and what Primal offers is a classic take on beef jerky. It beats anything you can find at the grocery store or gas station. What we love about it is that it tastes like real beef. If you have a hankering for a good savory cut of beef, this is the jerky for you. As for the texture, it’s not overly tough or very chewy. It has a tender feel to it than most other options.

My family had their different favorites. For instance, I loved the Hot as well as the Sweet & Spicy, while Megan’s favorite included the Cracked Pepper and the Teriyaki. When you open a bag, it’s hard to stop eating. It’s delicious but somehow it gets better and better as you polish off the bag. Writing this along, makes me want to go buy more bags.

Beef jerky lovers should give Primal a shot.

For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

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