The best options for team building and group activities in Wichita

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing whether it’s in my career or personal life is setting up team building or group activities in Wichita. Often times I have others asking me for ideas because I’ve spent so many years doing it. There are more options in town than people realize, especially if you think outside the box. I’m a huge fan of getting people together to raise morale and live life.

I Googled team building and group activities in Wichita and there wasn’t much out there, so I decided to create something myself based off my own experiences along with friends. This may not be the content you’re looking for, but it very well be the content you need. If you’re trying to get your colleagues together for a team building activity or morale boosting event, or if you have a large group of people you’re trying to get together for one reason or another, here’s a helpful resource for you.

Options for team building and group activities in Wichita 

Rent Out An Arcade
One of the things we did for a corporate party once was rent out The Arcade in downtown Wichita. We were able to cater in our own food and let everybody take the afternoon off for a day of games. Other alternatives include places like Dave and Busters.

Laser Tag, Go Karts, Escape Rooms, Bowling at The Alley
The Alley has such a wide array of things to do. They have laser tag, go karts, escape rooms, bowling and of course big gigantic pizzas. If you don’t need that many options, you can always consider other bowling alleys like Northrock LanesWest Acres, and Seneca Bowl. There’s also All Star Sports that has miniature golf, arcades, bumper carts, go-karts and games.

Book an Entire Escape Room
Is there a better team building activity than an escape room? Check out The Room or Entrap Games who all have multiple rooms you can reserve to cover large groups if needed.

Toss Some Axes
If you really want to get competitive, head over to Axe to Grind or Blade & Timber, where there are plenty of cages to toss axes for your group.

Reserve a Venue and have a Casino Night
One of the classic parties, especially for corporate events, is to have a casino night. Some vendors I’ve used before are Wichita Casino Parties and AmeriFun.

Reserve a Venue and have a Game Show Night
If casino nights get old, then why not have a game show night? I’ve emceed these types of parties and people loved them. For one party, we used the aforementioned AmeriFun and had a Family Feud night. They brought the tables, buzzers, big huge Family Feud displays, and everything. All you need is a host and participants.

Cook Together
I wrote a piece about cooking classes offered in Wichita. Some of those places will offer private classes for your group. Once such option is The Kitchen located in downtown Wichita which is a convenient location for everybody!

Ever Thought About Group Improv?
One of the little discussed options is Flying Pig Improv. This is definitely thinking outside the box for many groups. Improv will help them awaken their creative talents and appreciate their co-workers in a new light. Everyone participates in the games and exercises, and even your greatest curmudgeon won’t be able to resist the endorphins and laughter!

Rent Out a Movie Theatre
Yes, you can still do this. If there’s a big movie out you think your team would love to watch, contact AMC Theatres or one of the Regal Warren Theatres.

Get Creative
Rent out the entire Paint the Town and let your team/group draw a painting over some bottles of wine. Option two if painting isn’t necessarily your thing is to do some work sign design work at Board & Brush.

Chicken N Pickle Day
One thing many companies I’ve seen do is rent out parts of Chicken N Pickle. They have a large event space that can be reserved and you can get some pickleball courts on top of that.

Have some frustrations with your team you’ve been holding in? Check out a rage room! There are a couple options in Wichita like Let’s Smash: A Delano Smash House or Outrage ICT.

Local Brewery Tour
Many of the local breweries are within a decent walking distance from each other, or rent out a party bus and head to Hopping Gnome Brewing, PourHouse, Wichita Brewing Company, Third Place Brewing, Central Standard Brewing, Limestone Beer Co. and River City Brewing Co.

Catch a Game With Your Big Group
Many sporting events like the Wichita Wind Surge, Wichita Thunder, Wichita State Baseball for example, offer pavilions, party decks, party packs, suites where you can take large groups to enjoy a game. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve partied in a pavilion at a WSU Baseball game. So much fun!

Have a Citywide Scavenger Hunt
Is the budget tight? You can save money by hosting your own citywide scavenger hunt. This website has some great tips for hosting your own.

Host a Minute To Win It Event
Another budget friendly activity is to host a Minute To Win It game event. I’ve done this on a large level with over 100 people and smaller groups of 10-20 people at places like the Wichita Hyatt event room and Brightwater Bay (whom I highly recommend). I have big rubbermaid containers full of Minute To Win It game supplies in my garage I’ve collected over the years. It’s so easy to do with the help of Google. I’m a big fan of the affordable, do-it-yourself game show ideas and have also done Jeopardy, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and The Newlyweds Game.

The end goal should be all about having fun and spending some good quality time with your colleagues or loved ones. It doesn’t have to be all business, work-life balance and creating good morale is highly important. Do you have some more ideas for team building or group activities in Wichita? Drop them in the comments below!

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  1. Outside of Wichita, in Augusta is H & H collection candle. You can book their candle bar for a private team building party and make your own unique candle. Good for birthday parties too.

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