The Mexican Pizza has returned to Taco Bell

Starting Thursday, May 19, the Mexican Pizza will officially return to the menus of all Taco Bell locations. But thanks to their app, we got early access to check it out.

The fast-food chain removed this popular staple from menus back in 2020. After a petition with 171,000 fans, Taco Bell decided to bring it back.

I picked a couple of them up at $4.49 a piece.

Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell

I loved the branding of the box, which had a cool little retro vibe to it. Come to find out, these pizzas originally were introduced back in 1985.

Oddly enough, I think most of the toppings on my Mexican Pizza were also left in 1985. There were barely any tomatoes on mine, not much meat in the middle, and it looked nothing like the ads. That’s also what I’ve come to expect from most national fast food chains when looking at their food pictures.

Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell

The Mexican Pizza has a rabid following, and I’m not one of them. To me, they were decent and probably excellent drunk food fodder, but that’s about it.

After eating, I noticed on the app there was an option to add sour cream, more seasoned meat and other toppings, which I likely should have done. I don’t know, though, I’m not a huge Taco Bell fan, so this was probably a one and done for me.

Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell

Remember, the Mexican Pizza returns on May 19. But if you download the Taco Bell app, you can get early access now!

For a video highlight, see below!

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