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My first visit to the food court at the Wichita River Festival was a light one when it came to food. I wanted to return with some friends to get a more extensive look at the food. When I say look, though, I really mean eat a bunch of food.

Remember, Wichita Riverfest runs until June 11. Like past years, you can purchase food and drinks from vendors using tickets sold at the ticket booths. Cash is available from Fidelity Bank ATMs. While you’ll typically need a button to enter, you don’t need a button during the lunch hour from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the weekday.

Here’s a visual guide to everything we had:

Original Corn Roast – Corn in a Cup & Corn on the Cob

I only snapped a picture of the corn in a cup, but this is always a festival favorite. Who doesn’t love getting some corn and then drizzling or dousing the corn in a ton of seasoning and/or sauce?

Tacos tj 664 – Fajitas

The local Mexican restaurant made their Riverfest debut. They had a chipotle chicken fajita that’s not available at their West Street location. This was probably my favorite dish out of everything we had.

Wichita River Festival - Riverfest

Chan’s Concessions – Chicken on a stick with fried rice

I had this last time, but my friends went with it and really loved the rice. As I stated last time, the chicken is fantastic. The glaze over it, really makes it something special.

Made 2 Grill – Twister Fries

This was very well received from our group. We ordered the large size, which was perfect for a party of four. Everyone picked apart the fries, which were fried to a nice crisp and seasoned with the perfect amount of salt. This comes highly recommended.

Dippin’ Dots

It’s Dippin’ Dots…. need I say more?

Hoopingarner Funnel Cakes – Funnel Cakes

Just like the Dippin’ Dots, what can I say? Funnel cakes are always a must on every visit.

Chan’s Concessions – Lemonade

Every single one of us ordered a lemonade. There was no sharing when it came to this refreshing drink.

D & J Pronto Pup – Pronto Pup

This is a classic and we felt obligated to get at least one of these.

Between a beautiful afternoon and some good live music, it made for a great little lunch outing for us. I love fair foods, so visits like this are always up my alley.

For a full list of vendors, head here.

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