Checking back in with one of our favorites: Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Sapporo Japanese Sushi
When it comes to Japanese restaurants, one of the places in our rotation is Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant. They’ve had a big remodel since the last time we visited, so we thought we’d drop by to check it out and get some delicious food.

8065 E Peachtree Ln, Wichita, KS 67207

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 2:30pm; 4:30pm – 10pm
Closed Sunday
Cash/Card Accepted


Sapporo expanded to open up the west end of the building. In the renovation, they included these little private dining areas that could seat roughly 8 people. It’s cool and something you don’t find in many restaurants.

The whole purpose of our visit was to get Megan one of her favorite dishes in town, the Kani salad. We wanted a quick, small lunch and that was plenty for her. Sapporo also gave each of us some complimentary soup.

Meanwhile, I went with the Thai Curry soup while our daughter had a plate of noodles. Even though we strictly came for the Kani salad, we had an obligation to get some sushi. So, we added a basic salmon and tuna roll, just because.

The Thai Curry soup was excellent, but that was to be expected. I typically get a medium heat, but went with a mild. While there wasn’t any heat, it was still delicious, with a slight creaminess in the broth. This was a fantastic meal. You can’t go wrong with the sushi. We usually get the specialty rolls, but these basic rolls were the perfect size for our appetites.

Sapporo is never a bad option for us. We love the service, the owners, and the food. There’s a reason why the place is packed every time we stop by.

Here’s the menu:

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