Grabbing my favorite dish from Sweet Basil at Pasta Express

The quick-service Italian restaurant, Pasta Express, has ties to a former restaurant that I used to frequent years ago, Sweet Basil. The former cook and co-owner of Sweet Basil opened Pasta Express a few years ago. I made a return because I wanted to get my hands on a favorite dish from the now closed all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

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If I had to choose a favorite dish from the lunch buffet at Sweet Basil, it would be the teriyaki chicken and rice. It was $9 and well worth the price plus whatever gas it took to get out there. My meal came with two breadsticks that my daughter decided she would review.

She said the breadsticks were “decicish“. In adult speak, that’s delicious. A few hours later, I found a small one-inch portion that she hid by the stairs. Not entirely sure what the rationale was, but I believe she was storing it there for later.

Pasta Express

Meanwhile, I got my hands on the chicken teriyaki and it was as good as I remember. They didn’t go heavy on the glaze, which I loved, and the rice was like a bed of starch that complemented the chicken. There was a sweetness in each bite that I didn’t want to end. This meal was a match made in heaven for my taste buds.

Pasta Express

While picking up my meal, there had to have been a dozen delivery order pickups. So, it was good to see the business doing well.

Do you have any favorite dishes from Sweet Basil that were brought back to Pasta Express?

Here’s the menu:

Pasta Express

Pasta Express

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