Shop Local: B LUXE Events for marquee letters, backdrops, balloons and more

B LUXE Events

B LUXE Events

With the oldest graduating from high school, we wanted to throw a fun graduation party for friends and family. I’ve thrown many parties in my time, but one area I’ve always been short on is the decor. It’s not something I have an eye for, but Megan is big on that. She had this vision of big marquee letters and balloons for our backyard.

There aren’t many options in town when it comes to marquee letters, and even fewer when it comes to places that can also set up big balloon displays. She came across a local company called B LUXE Events, who evidently also handled a graduation party for one of our neighbors.

B Luxe Events offers 4 ft. tall letters that include LED color changing bulbs. We were able to choose what colors we wanted to match the color scheme of the party. There were over 200 patterns to choose from, but fortunately Megan already had an idea of what she wanted.

The letters were $75 each to rent. If you rented more than five letters, it was $70 per letter. They also had all the numbers to choose from. From a price standpoint, they were one of the best in town. We loved the look of the letters, which had a big font that stood out. Come to find out, they make their own marquee letters!

The price included an all day rental, and that was perfect given our all day and evening party.

Balloon rental prices were all based on what you wanted. Megan worked with the owner, Bianca, on selecting balloon colors and options. She was easy to work with, very responsive and communicative. You could just tell that achieving Megan’s vision for the party was their top priority.

The aspect I appreciate most in dealing with any business is punctuality. They arrived right on time and started setting up. I had a chance to speak with Bianca and her husband, Anthony, and you could tell they really enjoyed doing this. Megan loved the attention to detail in everything they did.

Once the party kicked off, the letters and balloons were a hit….probably more so than the food! Everyone was asking where they came from. And when the evening hit, the lights gave the letters a bright, vibrant pop to beautify the night.

B LUXE Events

I remember sitting down with Megan at the end of the night, talking about how the party went, and she commented on how Bianca and Anthony exceeded her expectations. We can’t comment enough on how great they were to work with.

Now the bar has been set, and we may have to get marquee letters for every single party.

For more information on B Luxe Events, check them out on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website.

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