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Snow White Carpet Cleaning

Snow White Carpet Cleaning

It was time to do some major cleaning around our house. One task that needed to be done because of kids, a dog, and general foot traffic, was carpet cleaning. After asking around and doing the research, we went with Snow White Carpet Cleaning. I didn’t know it until they came over to the house, but they are Wichita’s oldest carpet cleaning service.

We read the reviews, spoke to friends we knew who have used services like this before, and received price quotes from a few vendors around town. In the end, we felt Snow White Carpet Cleaning worked out best.

They weren’t the cheapest in town, but they were not the most expensive in town. They leaned towards the better values in town, though. What I liked about them was they charged by square foot. Many businesses had a flat rate per room, which sometimes didn’t make sense. For instance, a bed could take up most of a room and you’re still paying a big chunk for what could be 20% of the room that needs to be cleaned.

Snow White was the only cleaner we reached out to that came over to the house and did a pre-inspection, measured everything and gave us a rate that was better than many of the places we looked into.

The team came out, measured each space and even did some spot treatments at no charge before giving us a final quote. The brief 15-minute visit was enough to get me to sign on for a full cleaning.

Then the day of the cleaning, they were prompt, careful in moving any pieces of furniture in the house, considerate and simply professional in the hour or so they were in our home. We’ve had our carpets cleaned before and sometimes, there was a lingering smell. This time, that was not the case.

Snow White Carpet Cleaning did a fantastic job and did a follow-up call to make sure everything was great and to answer any questions. The whole theme of my time with them was “professional”. I can now go drink and pass out on face first on the ground, knowing I’m asleep on very clean flooring.

After they were done, they gave me some complimentary carpet cleaning solutions for general care and owning a dog. They also left a few customer referral discount coupons. I’m sure if you show them this and mention Wichita By E.B., they’ll honor the coupon.

Snow White Carpet Cleaning

For more information, check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

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