Axe-throwing on the go thanks to The Tomahawk Truck

The Tomahawk Truck

On a visit to one of the food truck rallies around town, we came across The Tomahawk Truck. They are a mobile axe throwing business which fit perfectly with the other mobile businesses at the rally. This one just happened to be an entertainment option with axes instead of food.

First, let’s cover what is axe throwing.

Many axe throwing facilities around the country often look like an old warehouse with high ceilings, heavy-duty walls, chain link fencing surrounding targets and big wooden boards with bullseyes on them. This one just happens to be mobile, but is just as fun.

Think of them as bowling alleys, but with axes. Everybody takes their turn to bowl, or in this case, toss an axe. There can be lots of social interaction and fun, friendly competition.

The Tomahawk Truck

The Tomahawk Truck offered people something different to do. At the food truck rally, you could throw five times for $5 or 12 times for $10.

Keep in mind, that was the price for this event. After speaking with the owners, it all varied on which event they were at. The Tomahawk Truck could be rented out for any event or venue.

We took a few turns tossing axes; it’s something most of us are familiar with already. It made for a nice break while we waited on food and another fun family option at the rally.

I asked about the rental and the owner said, they bring everything if you wanted to have them at your event. Their trailer has a PA system for music, colored lights on the trailer for the evening, and then the axe-throwing fun.

For more on The Tomahawk Truck, visit their webpage or Facebook. If you prefer calling them, they can be reached at 316-708-8046.
@wichitabyeb Did you know there’s a mobile axe throwing business in Wichita called The Tomahawk Truck? You can rent them out for events and parties. They’re also out at so many different events around town such as Final Friday at the Boathouse. It’s A lot of fun and I PROMISE I’m a better axe thrower than the video shows. I just crumble under pressure when holding a camera to video myself. #vlog #fyp #Wichita #axethrowing ♬ Danger Zone (From “Top Gun” Original Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins

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