First Look at Bchic Bar & Grill serving African cuisine from different regions

Bchic Bar & Grill

African cuisine is back in Wichita with the opening of Bchic Bar & Grill. They took over the former Sam’s Southern Eatery space at 6600 W. Central and specialize in different dishes covering different countries and regions all over Africa.

Appetizers include a mini suya platter, grilled bacon wrapped shrimp, and samosas. There will be an assortment of salads and pepper soup. Entrees on their menu include Kati Kati, Poulet DG, Injera with choice of meat, Pondu, Jollof, and Eru. Goat and lamb kebabs are also on the menu.

Bchic Bar & Grill will celebrate their grand opening in August once they get more staff hired and their liquor license. Until then, they are a bit short-staffed and getting the kinks out so, that’s something to keep in mind.

6600 W. Central Ave. Wichita, KS 67212

Wednesday – Thursday: Noon – 9pm
Friday: 5pm – 2am
Saturday: Noon – 2am
Sunday: 11am – 8pm
Monday: Noon – 9pm
Closed on Tuesday

Website | Facebook
Cash/Card Accepted

The menu they gave customers was a bit different from what was online. For example, peanut sauce with fish and injera were both online, but not on the menu. (Update: The day after we came in, the injera and peanut sauce were both taken off the online menu).

There were so many things we wanted to try from Bchic Bar & Grill. After much thought, we decided to go with Peanut Sauce with Fish and the Egusi Soup.

The Peanut Sauce  came with fish and was served with steamed Jasmine Rice. The Egusi Soup (aka ground pumpkin seed sauce on the menu) was cooked with tripps/cow skin, smoked fish, beef shanks and served with fufu.

Bchic Bar & Grill
Peanut Sauce with Fish
Bchic Bar & Grill
Egusi Soup

I had the egusi soup. This was my first time experiencing that and fufu. The fufu had a very doughy texture. I broke it off in bits and dipped it into the soup. It had a minor kick of heat, but something that’s probably doable for anybody. This was excellent though, I loved the sauce it came in, the fine texture of the meat within the soup. It’s hard to explain because I haven’t had a dish like it before.

Then there was my 3-year-old who was hesitant to try anything except the Puff Puff which was basically like a beignet without anything inside. The fried ball of dough did come with some chocolate sauce for her to dip her Puff Puffs in. This, she really loved and, walked out with a chocolate mustache once we were done.

Bchic Bar & Grill
Puff Puff

Before we left, I wanted to get one last dish to go. Just in case, I was hungry when I got home. The injera with beef. It’s basically a fermented pancake-like flatbread with a spongy texture that diners use to pick up their food with. Instead of using a fork, people scoop food with the injera and eat by hand. I’m a huge injera fan and devoured this moments after arriving home.

Bchic Bar & Grill
Injera with beef

As I mentioned earlier, Bchic Bar & Grill is running under a soft opening pretense. They definitely need more staff. Fortunately, when I was there, it was only one other family of diners. But, if they were to get overwhelmed with diners, things could get very slow until they find additional employees. I’m sure there will be more changes over time including ironing out the menu.

@wichitabyeb Wichita finally has a restaurant again serving African cuisine. Bchic Bar & Grill located at 6600 W. Central Avenue has tons of dishes you cannot find elsewhere in town. #fyp #africancuisine #Wichita #vlog #foodies ♬ Only You – Ric Hassani

Here’s the menu, but be sure to check out their website for the full menu:

Bchic Bar & Grill

Bchic Bar & Grill

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