More of Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants

Earlier this month, we covered some of Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants. It’s time to lists some more. We all know Wichita is home to many good eats. Navigating through the sheer number of them can be tough and places like this blog, the media, various social media groups and review websites can help with that.

When you hear about the best restaurants, there’s a certain list of places that seem to get all the love and media attention. They get all the accolades and exposure. Let’s shine a light on the true mom and pops that deserve more love than what they currently get.

I hope this guide can help you find more delicious gems out there in the community.

Mars Mart – 1802 E. 13th Street

If you’re looking for some of the biggest, juiciest pieces of chicken, check out Mars Mart. People who are big into portion sizes will love everything about the restaurant tucked away in the back of a convenience store.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant – 602 N. Tyler Road

Wichita is chock full of Mexican restaurants. Everybody knows the names of the long-time classic city traditions. Yes, many of them are on Broadway, Arkansas or in the south end of town. But did you know one of the very best Mexican restaurants sits out west? It’s called Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant and for the past year or so, they’ve been knocking out delicious meals that break the mold of the typical run of the mill Mexican places.

Pho KC – 4875 E Pawnee

Over the years, Wichita has lost its fair share of Vietnamese restaurants. Fortunately, there’s Pho KC in southeast Wichita who is still putting out some quality, delicious Vietnamese food. From wings to egg rolls to Pho to an assortment of other noodles dishes, there’s something there for everyone.

Deshi Curry – 6249 E. 21st St.

While Wichita doesn’t have a lot of Indian restaurants, one that seems to go under the radar a lot is Deshi Curry. Nearly every Indian restaurant serves some sort of daily buffet, Deshi Curry doesn’t, but don’t let that stop you from giving them a try. They’ve upped their game over the years and worth the visit.

Antojitos Guanamex

Antojitos Guanamex – 1425 E. Central

Whether it’s Mexican or Salvadoran food, Antojitos Guanamex has the best of both worlds. They are a small family operation, so sometimes food can be a little slow. But I’m telling you, it’s worth the wait.

Todd Brian’s Brick Street  Cafe & Tavern – 315 N. Mead

I’m not sure there is a more underrated restaurant in downtown Wichita. This is a place that often gets overlooked in downtown recommendations. Whether it’s their vast selection of martinis or bomb Cajun dishes, this is one place that is in need of your dining dollars.

Chuyito’s Birrieria – 1415 W. Pawnee

Chuyito’s just might be one of southwest Wichita’s top three restaurants. There’s plenty of great locally owned options, but Chuyito’s sits in the upper echelon. Between some of the best birria in town, they are still putting out inventive dishes that keep me coming back for more. Regardless of where I’m at in town, I continually go out of my way to eat there regularly.

OMalley's Irish Pub

O’Malley’s Irish Pub – 2405 W. 31st St.

You don’t see the media giving much love to southwest Wichita, so let’s keep cranking out the exposure for them. Mark it down, O’Malley’s Irish Pub is one of the best bars in town that also serves food.


How many of these have you been to? Drop us your number in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “More of Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants”

  1. Don’t forget Fat Ernie’s. There food is so wonderful. Chicken fried steak is one of the best in town. Looks like a whole in the wall. But man prices are great and the food is wonderful. My husband loves going on Fridays for the all you can eat cat fish. Must try….

  2. No!!!! Not Todd Brian’s. Why did you have to mention them. Our favorite little jewel. Now it’s going to be even harder to get seats. Easily our go to if we are eating downtown.

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