Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants

Wichita is home to many good eats. It’s a fact that can largely be forgotten but we are blessed to have a tremendous amount of restaurants to choose from. Navigating through the sheer number of them can be tough and places like this blog, the media, various social media groups and review websites can help with that.

I feel like I keep a pretty good pulse on all the information out there. I pay attention to everything that’s being written, all the great reviews being handed out, the awards and accolades places receive and more. So, I wanted to put together a list of Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants.

These are restaurants that have been in town for a while and are often forgotten and not included in many restaurants discussions. I hope this guide can help you find more delicious gems out there in the community.


Kimchi Korean Restaurant – 2929 N. Rock Road

When it comes to Korean restaurants in Wichita, don’t forget about Kimchi who is tucked away in a strip center at 29th and Rock. It’s run by one of the sweetest ladies you’ll find in the local food scene.

Mi Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant – 2120 N. Broadway

One of my top ten tacos in town. They don’t rely on dollar taco specials, a kick ass social media game, or even the use of credit card machines. It’s just a simple mom-and-pop shop that takes cash only while serving out amazing Mexican food.

New Paradise Biryani Pointe – 1648 S. Rock Road

So many of Wichita’s great Indian food is located in north Wichita so it could be easy to forget about the small Indian restaurant in South Wichita. They do it just as good as their counterparts at the other end of town.

Berneal’s Carry-Out – 2403 E. 13th St.

How can you go wrong with 99-cent burgers? Just be ready to order when you go in!

The 3 Amigos

3 Amigos – 2317 N. Arkansas

Speaking of hamburgers, you have to check out the hamburguesas and tacos from 3 Amigos. They offer the best of both worlds under one roof.

College Hill Deli & Catering – 3407 E. Douglas

Lots of Mediterranean food that’s worth checking out in town. You definitely hear about the uber popular places like N&J Cafe, Bella Luna, Cafe Maurice and more… all of which are fantastic in their own right. But if you haven’t been to College Hill Deli before, do yourself a huge favor and add it to your list.

A&J’s Music Room – 1602 S. Meridian

Many people might mistake them for just being a bar or a place to sing karaoke. They crank out hundreds of fried tacos a week and also have some stellar food specials and limited time creations such as a newly released weekend breakfast menu.

Ah-So Oriental Restaurant – 855 S. Oliver

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town. If you need a break from the fast casual Chinese places in town, slow it down, grab a seat and enjoy a fantastic meal at Ah-So.

El Viejito

El Viejito Mexican Restaurant – 4722 S. Broadway

When it comes to Mexican restaurants with big menus, I’m not sure anybody does it better than El Viejito. They have a vast menu of deliciousness that has something for everyone.


How many of these have you been to? Drop us your number in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Wichita’s Underrated and Overlooked Restaurants”

  1. Kimchi. Been there several times. Love the dolsot bibimbap!
    Been to College Hill Deli. But, it’s been so long I don’t remember what I ate.

  2. Dawna Washington

    Ah-So yes my Mom used to take me there when I was younger that was her favorite Chinese place it was really good I’m 51 now that should tell you how long they’ve been in the game. The others no but need to put them on my list.

  3. Cindy Stephenson

    La Chanita is my favorite mexican restaurant. Flour tacos a crisp but thin, not thick like most places that almost taste like your eating pita bread. Salsa is great and the kitchen sauce is wonderful if you like it Hot. .Best guacamole around too. I love their Hot Pork Burrito Special on Mondays, 2 for 1. Can’t beat it. The servers are great, all family. Try the #5 dinner to really get your fill.

  4. Robert Brougher

    Alejandro’s Mexican food on North Rock is worth mentioning.. In a strip mall…drive thru also.

  5. One never mentioned is Quincy’s bar and grill at 21st and West. Fantastic food at reasonable prices. Killer good Cobb salad.

  6. Chico’s Mexican Restaurant, a Wichita tradition. Their chili verde is the best. Love their beef and their cheese enchiladas! My families favorite for 40 years!

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