Let’s Review Some Food at Intrust Bank Arena

Intrust Bank Arena

While at INTRUST Bank Arena for the Morgan Wallen concert, the alcohol in me asked to grab a bite to eat.

Now, before we continue with the review, let’s set the expectation. Similar to most venue across the country, you’re not going to get rock bottom prices on food. Prices can be a hot button issue, but I won’t get into that because I don’t know the specifics, margins, etc on what it cost to serve pizza inside one of these venues.

When I step foot into most ballparks, arenas, you name it, more often than not, the food won’t be a Michelin rated place. It’s typically quick bar-style food and I’m OK with that.

So with that said, here’s my visit at INTRUST Bank Arena.

The nearest food stand by me was Dog Shack. Draft beers were $11-12. I already had a Captain and Coke in my hand, and opted for food.

A hot dog was calling my name. It was $4 for a hot dog only. Since I was feeling sauerkraut, I asked to put that on. The lady then rang up $10.25. Being a blogger and eating out 90% of the week, I get desensitized by food prices. But even a $6.25 upcharge for sauerkraut had me confused.

I asked what was the price without sauerkraut and was told it was $4. I’m all about the “you only live once” mentality when it comes to food, but even that upcharge was hard for me to swallow. So, I just went with the hot dog.

Come to find out later through a social media post I had on Facebook, the executive chef said that was incorrect. The $10.25 price was for the bratwurst, which also came with sauerkraut. In my case, the sauerkraut should have been free on a hot dog and apologized for the mistake made by the employee. He even offered to bring me one, which was very cool and sincere. I passed since I already ate the hot dog and had a beer in hand, but really appreciated he took the time to offer that.

As for the hot dog itself, it was plump, cooked right and did the trick before the first opener.

After the second opener, Hardy, we met some friends in the concourse. I was hungry again….shocking, I know. The closest place was The Pizza Joint.

They had slices of pizza for $6.

I went with the pepperoni slice; not just any regular pepperoni, but cupped ones.

There were over 10 pieces on there with plenty of sauce and cheese to go around, which was nice. The crust was very doughy but still firm to where the slice didn’t bend. Like the hot dog, it did the trick. This pizza was nothing to write home about, but I was satisfied and ready for the headliner.

As for the rest of the night, that was something to write home about. From the moment Morgan Wallen kicked off the set with Up Down, he had the entire arena in the palm of his hands. We literally purchased our tickets the day of the show when we found out more seats were opened, and glad we did.

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a concert in a packed arena. Seeing the crowds, hearing the music, and seeing a huge live show was so worth it.

Morgan Wallen


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