The Critical Cart Revisited

The Critical Cart

While at Central Standard Brewing, we were hungry and fortunately, they had some food trucks that afternoon. One food truck out that day was The Critical Cart. I haven’t been by since they first opened last year and was a bit critical on the first visit. Since they, the mobile eatery has had a year under their belt and even won the best burger at the ICT Burger Battle.

This sounded like a great time for a revisited review.

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I went with the mango habanero bratwurst. It was the same dish I ordered on my first visit. This time was different because they had everything on hand including the pickled habaneros which made all the difference in the world. It packed all the heat that I desired and paired well with the brews at CSB. The bun was nicely toasted and the bratwurst itself was plump and juicy.

The Critical Cart

Their ICT Burger Battle victory was posted in the back of the truck for everyone to see. It was something, they were proud of and should be. I couldn’t leave without trying the burger. They told me everything that was in the burger and wish I wrote it all down. There was some glaze/sauce over the top with pickles and a big pineapple chunk.

It was excellent. Everything meshed so well together for a burger full of flavor. My only regret was not ordering two because I had to share it.

The Critical Cart

Lastly, our daughter went through two bags of Sun Chips. So if your kid loves Sun Chips like ours, your whole family will be satisfied.

Overall, this was a ten times better experience than my first visit to The Critical Cart. This just proves that if you have a less than stellar experience anywhere the first time, it can’t hurt to give them a second try.

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Here’s their menu. I was told a new one is in the works. If I get a hold of that, I’ll be sure to update this post.

The Critical Cart

Happy Dining,

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