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Visiting Donut Palace in Augusta, KS

One of the favorite donuts shops in Wichita is Donut Palace on north Broadway. Did you know before that, there was already one outside of town in Augusta, KS? If you happen to be east of Wichita, this location of Donut Palace is just as good and definitely worth a try.

114 E 7th Ave, Augusta, KS 67010

Open Daily: 5am – 1pm

Cash/Card Accepted

This location is separately owned and operated from the Wichita one. I arrived around 5:30 a.m. and the shelves were nearly stocked.

I picked up my favorite item there, a cronut. They are truly life-changing. It’s a mix of a donut and a croissant. I purchased a couple to take on a road trip with me. The crispy texture of a croissant mixed with the classic sugary glazed flavor of a donut was what dreams were made of. 

On my way back to Wichita the following day, I had to make a second stop, where I picked up more cronuts and a boudin roll. The boudin rolls may have been better than the cronuts. They were stuffed with pork sausage, rice, cheese and Cajun spices. I didn’t get a picture of it because I was too busy taking videos on my second visit. But please do yourself a favor and try one if you’re at a Donut Palace.

To see the boudin roll, take a look at our video clip on Donut Palace.

@wichitabyeb When I’m Augusta, KS, Donut Palace is the place to be. Cronuts, donuts, Boudin rolls, it’s everything you need to be happy. #fyp #donuts #cronuts #Wichita #foodies #vlog ♬ Unstoppable – Sia

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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