Let’s Review Pardon My Cheesesteak!

Pardon My Cheesesteak

Let’s review Pardon My Cheesesteak!

With cheesesteak restaurants in Wichita unable to last long, options for the sandwich are limited. Readers came across an online only business out of a dark kitchen called Pardon My Cheesesteak and asked me to review it.

Pardon My Cheesesteak which can only be found on food delivery service apps like UberEats is advertised as a restaurant with craveable cheesesteaks and loaded fries. It’s created by Pardon My Take and Virtual Dining Concepts.

Dark kitchen is basically a ghost kitchen or cloud kitchen. In Pardon My Cheesesteaks’s case, they operate out of On The Border on Maize Road.

6-inch cheesesteaks, which come thinly sliced steak with melted provolone, cheddar cheese sauce & caramelized onions on a toasted hoagie roll, are $9.99. If you want a foot long, that will run you $16.99. I ordered the foot long. That didn’t come with a side, so I had to order one separately.

The smallest size of fries they had were $7.49. That was a little hard to swallow, but for the review, why not.

My order was $23.98, not including tax, delivery, or tip. After all was said and done, this cost me over $30.

Let’s start with the fries. This was what I received, note that you could see the bottom of the container.

Pardon My Cheesesteak

Here’s what was advertised on their site:

The fries were a load of crap. Not only were they crap, they were dry, flimsy, and so many fries looked like they were scraps that nobody wanted. With a 3-year-old, we order lots of fries, and this was the most overpriced load of garbage we’ve had.

Now how about the cheesesteak?

Pardon My Cheesesteak

It took maybe 10 minutes to unwrap the sandwich. The paper was stuck to the bread and I’m sure I ate some paper throughout the evening. As far as cheesesteaks go, it was decent. They certainly weren’t as bad as the fries. It wasn’t a bad meal, nor was it one to rave about. 

There was plenty of thinly sliced steak to go around. $16.99 was a bit much for this sandwich, but with the price of food, I wouldn’t call this one overpriced. Fries however, definitely a waste of money.

Overall, this is not something I’d go out of my way to spend that much on again.

Pardon My Cheesesteak

On the bright side, the delivery came on time and I had zero complaints with that, which has been a rarity for me on UberEats.

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Review Pardon My Cheesesteak!”

  1. As someone born and raised in NJ that is not a cheesesteak nor is that craveable. That is a sloppy mess and highly overpriced. A real Philly cheesesteak doesn’t even cost that.

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