Product Review: Frozen White Castle Bites

Frozen White Castle Bites

Big White Castle fan over here, so when I saw they had a new product called Frozen White Castle Bites, you knew I was buying a bag.

The frozen aisle at Dillons had a 40 ounce bag for $11.49. I would have preferred a smaller size bag, but that’s all they had. There were two different flavors to choose from; hamburger and cheeseburger. All they had at Dillons was the cheeseburger. These bites were advertised as 100% real beef and onions.

The new bites are similar to pizza rolls. They can be prepared in the microwave or oven. For this particular review, we went the oven route.

We made a couple dozen at home and everyone got to try them.

Frozen White Castle Bites

Oh my god, they were disgusting. I love White Castle, and there was nothing reminiscent of the flavors in these Castle bites. We don’t think there was even any cheese inside. The crust was thicker and grittier than their pizza roll counterparts. Everyone took a bite and we had this “eeeewwwwww, what’s the flavor” look on our face. They tasted like rotten onions sprinkled with some beef flavored seasoning.

I looked at the bag of remaining bites, gave it to our oldest and said, “Give this to your boyfriend.”

They were a disgrace to the White Castle name or even the word food.

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