The McDonald’s McRib set to return this week with the “McRib Farewell Tour”


Rumors are swirling that the McDonald’s McRib is coming back this week, but the return will have a different sound and look to it. The fast food chain has posted on their website that the sandwich is back at participating locations.

The big kicker is they are advertising this as the “McRib Farewell Tour” and telling people to get one while they can from now through November 20. Could this be the last of the McRib? I sure hope not.

The iconic sandwich with boneless pork coated in barbecue sauce and topped with dill pickles and slivered onions on a hoagie-style bun made it’s return this same week last year in Wichita.

Debuting in 1981, it’ll be hard telling if McDonald’s will truly retire this sandwich given its popularity.

People either hate or love this sandwich; I’m in the love category and am ready to make my way to McDonald’s to pick my McRibs up.

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