Shop Local: The Slope, Wichita’s premiere ski shop

The Slope

The Slope

I haven’t gone skiing in 20 years and most of my family has never been, so we decided, “Why not set up a big ski trip?” We’re currently in the process of getting everything on the books. This took us to The Slope at 2100 E Central Ave.

With it being so long, I know nothing about skiing or planning a trip. All I know is what skis look like and that the color of snow is mostly white, aside from the times it can be yellow thanks to nature taking its course.

The Slope is a one-stop shop for retail, rentals, ski trips and repairs.

We’re consulting The Slope about our ski trip and they’ve been great to work with thus far.

It’s been nice to speak with people who know all the ins and outs about planning a ski trip. We’ve probably bombarded them with a hundred questions and they’ve always had an answer.

Plus, when it comes to the equipment, they have it all. Skis, pants, bibs, gloves, coats, you name it, they got it. The selection they have is immensely bigger than any of the big box stores; trust me, I’ve looked.

We aren’t planning to go until next year, but from everything we’re hearing, now is the time to plan.

I’ll have to update this blog after our ski trip is all said and done. Until then, wish us look!

For more on The Slope, visit them at their store at 2100 E. Central, or visit their Facebook or webpage.

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