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The time we introduced the kids to Indian food at Kababs

I’ll always try to talk the kids into trying different foods, but every so often they won’t listen to me. But who they will listen to is a complete stranger on TikTok (not named Wichita By E.B.). That’s exactly what happened when they came across several influencers online trying different Indian dishes. At that moment, they had the sudden urge to give the food and try, and that’s when we took them all to Kababs.

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Most people are probably most familiar with Kababs and their daily lunch buffet. While going the buffet route would have been perfect for first timers, our schedules didn’t align with school and work, so we went over dinner time.

As everyone browsed through the menu, I decided to order some rounds of naan. My gut was thinking everyone would love it and that they did, including our 3-year-old who essentially ate tons of it as her dinner.

Our table went with orders of the beef curry, chicken tikka masala and lamb biryani. Technically, I went with the lamb because I knew nobody would order that.

Here are some pictures of our dishes. The first thing to note was that the portion sizes over dinner were huge. Nearly everyone had leftovers.

Another thing to note was that every dish could be ordered mild, medium or hot. We had a mix of mild and medium at our table, and there was essentially zero heat in the medium. A couple of us regretted not ordering hot.

Aside from that, the food was outstanding. My lamb biryani was stacked so high, it felt like it was the size of an Egyptian pyramid. The lamb was incredibly tender. It was so much food, I had it for dinner that evening and lunch the next day.

What I was most excited about was that the kids enjoyed their meals. One of the kids wasn’t a huge fan of the basmati rice. He’s so used to steamed or fried rice that the texture and fragrant, nutty-taste of the rice probably threw him off.

Trying something new made for a fun evening that really warmed my heart. Big thanks to the random TikToker who planted the seeds of Indian food in their heads.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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