Checking out hospital food at Cafe Wesley

Cafe Wesley

On an unexpected visit to Wesley Medical Center, we needed to grab lunch and located right inside was Cafe Wesley, which is the cafeteria for the hospital employees and all guests.

The cafeteria had many pre-packaged burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

They also had different stations which featured fresh fishes on a rotating menu. On the day of our visit they had tacos, empanadas, nachos, salmon, and chicken noodle soup.

Cafe Wesley

Our lunch started off with Wesley chips, which I was told were homemade chips topped with some sort of sour cream & onion seasoning. These were excellent; slight crisp with plenty of seasoning that packed quite a punch of flavor.

Cafe Wesley

Our main entrees included shredded beef tacos with Spanish rice and beans, salmon and chicken noodle soup.

The shredded beef for the tacos were tender, but rather greasy and salty. One thing the staff did was pack tons of meat into the platter, which made for some very filling tacos. You definitely weren’t leaving hungry after these. Meanwhile, the salmon wasn’t too flaky and didn’t have much flavor to it; no detectable butter, citrus, or anything to it. The same kind of went with the chicken noodle soup.

Overall, none of the food was bad, but it wasn’t memorable… well maybe the Wesley chips. It all felt like simple cafeteria foods made in big bulk to feed plenty of people.

Here’s a menu they had that morning:

Cafe Wesley

Happy Dining

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