Notable Restaurants We Lost in 2022

Restaurants come and go and this past year, the Wichita area saw over 70 restaurants and food trucks close during 2022.  There were many notables restaurants we lost in 2022, so I wanted to touch base on many of those you may have missed on.

Bento Cafe – 550 N. Ridge Road
One of the original places in Wichita to get a sushi burrito had a tough outing post the pandemic when many restaurants closed.

Broadway Burgers & BBQ – 1659 S. Broadway
The 10+ year run for Broadway Burgers & BBQ ended earlier this month, but fans of their food should check out Local Flavor at 5400 E. Central Ave.

Chebaro Mediterranean Grill – 12728 E. Central Ave
Located inside the Jumpstart gas station on east Central, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had better food from a gas station before.

Clutch House Sports Bar and Grill – 524 S. Seneca
The bar originally known as Tight Ends changed names after getting out of their franchise deal. The bar was quite controversial with a segment of the dining community due to their adult-like theme.

District Taqueria – 917 E. Douglas
The downtown taqueria that originally opened in 2014 closed but still does catering.

Electric Pizzeria – 240 S. West Street
The final Electric Pizzeria location closed in December, but rumors are the owners plan to start a different business with a new concept in 2023.

Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi – 327 N. Hillside
The Asian restaurant that served a mix of Japanese and Chinese dishes closed in the middle of the year, which made room for  a restaurant called China Town which took over.

Headz & Tailz Whiskey Bar – 301 N. Washington
The Khmer-Cajun style seafood had a good little run in downtown Wichita. They were one of a kind with their dishes, but closed for undisclosed reasons.

Logan’s Roadhouse – 2424 N. Maize Road
The steakhouse chain has finally left the Wichita market with the closing of the final Logan’s in town.

Lola’s Bistro – 2146 N. Collective
If I had to choose a favorite restaurant in town, it was Lola’s Bistro. And unfortunately, they closed earlier this year. They specialized in New American cuisine influenced by French, Italian and Asian flare. I have to say, their duck was easily a top five dish in town.

Magic Wok – 9504 W. Central Ave
After the retirement of the main cook, the long-time Chinese restaurant made the decision to close, but gave diners plenty of notice before their final day.

Marrakech Cafe – 6527 E. 21st St.
The city’s only Moroccan restaurant suddenly closed earlier this year with absolutely no notice or reason.

Molino’s Taqueria – 2035 N. Rock Road
A lack of business forced owners to close the build-your-own-taco restaurant at Rock Road. Fans of their food can still visit the flagship restaurant, Molino’s Mexican Cuisine, at 1064 N. Waco.

Ourrs Family Dining – 1606 S. Georgetown St.
The buffet restaurant that took over the Furrs space and changed the F in the name to an O closed after owners didn’t see the demand anymore for the style of restaurant.

Ray’s Food Express – 1542 East 61st St. N., Park City
The Park City BBQ restaurant closed after seizure signs on their doors appeared. No update was ever given following the closing.

Sam’s Southern Eatery – 6600 W. Central Ave.
Following multiple ownership changes, this southern chain lasted just under two years before closing.

Sharon’s Place – 141 E. Kay St., Derby
Derby lost a true gem when one of the few Hawaiian restaurants closed after owners made the decision to retire.

Slider Shak – 4628 S. Seneca
The owner noted lack of sales as the reason for the slider stop’s closing. Don’t be surprised if they re-open elsewhere, as the owner mentioned he’s on the lookout for a new location.

Smokehouse ICT – 2800 E. Central
What originally started as a food truck expanded to a brick and mortar space at 2800 E. Central. Earlier this year, the cited business and personal reasons for shutting doors. They still remain open for catering, though.

Sorrel’s Jamaican Food – 3802 E. Harry
Wichita’s only Jamaican restaurant closed in the latter half of the year after the owners moved out of Wichita.

SpringRo – 6524 E 37th St. N
The restaurant specializing in all things spring rolls and bowls closed in December, but are actively looking for a new location.

Taco Locale – 2721 E. Central Ave.
One of Revolutsia’s first restaurants, this taco place specialized in gourmet tacos with local ingredients.

Torchy’s Tacos – Two locations at 21st and Rock and 29th and Maize Road
The polarizing taco chain out of Texas suddenly closed both locations in December.

Vietnom Nom – 8641 W. 13th St.
The west side Vietnamese opted not to renew their lease and thus, ended the restaurant’s 5-year run.

Wade Waffle Co – Food Truck
The sweet and savory Liége waffle food truck was the only one of its kind at the time when they opened back in 2020.

Wichita Subs & More – 2251 E. 21st St.
In my opinion, there was no better place in town to get a cheesesteak sandwich before they closed.

Which ones do you miss most?

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