Reviewing the Apple Magic Keyboard because why not

Apple Magic Keyboard

After being a lifelong PC desktop owner, I made the switch to an iMac. Since I already own a MacBook and an iPhone, it just made sense to give the iMac a try. With that, I needed a keyboard with a numeric keypad so I purchased the Apple Magic Keyboard. The one I purchased came with Touch ID so I could unlock my computer and enter in passwords with my finger and had the 10-digit numeric keypad.

This purchase was made through Best Buy, and the keyboard cost $175; that was for the silver/white option. If I had chosen the keyboard with the black keys, it would have been $179. I have to admit, that was a lot to swallow for a keyboard, but I have 60 days to give it a try and decide whether it’s for me.

Before sharing my thoughts, let’s get to the basics.

The Magic Keyboard features an extended layout, with document navigation controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys. The keyboard is wireless and features a rechargeable battery that can be powered for about a month or more between charges. It pairs automatically with your Mac and includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to the USB-C port on your Mac.

Coming in at 0.81 pound, this is the lightest keyboard I’ve ever owned. If you are on the metric system, that’s 0.369 kg. The keyboard is 16.48 inches long, 4.52 inches deep and has a height of 0.16-0.43 inches.

Apple Magic Keyboard

There’s a solid look and feel to this keyboard. It’s so light, but doesn’t feel cheap at all. The keys are also nice. Pressing the keys is smooth and doesn’t have a loud click sound.  Having the Touch ID is also a convenient addition, but at what price did it come at?

There are some great things about the keyboard such as the battery life and responsiveness, but at the end of the day, I’m having a hard time justifying whether the price tag is worth it.

Probably the biggest gripe I have about the keyboard is that it’s not that ergonomic. I was hoping there’d be a bit of a slant on the keyboard, but this is about as flat as they come. The first time I typed on it for an extended period of time (3+ hours), my wrist started to hurt a bit. It wasn’t a comfortable experience. For short periods of time, it’s fine, but anything past a couple of hours starts to hurt.

Apple Magic Keyboard

I’ve never owned a keyboard that cost more than $40-50 in my life, so just having it on my desk made me feel a little boujee. Either way, I have about 30 days left to decide whether this is for me or if I want to try my hand at another wireless keyboard. That wouldn’t be a problem for me because at least it gives me an opportunity to review another keyboard.

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