The Worst Buffet We’ve Ever Had

We were at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa for a little getaway and needed something to eat. Nobody could decide on what they wanted to eat so we took our chances with the all-you-can-eat buffet at the casino’s restaurant, The Eatery. Needless to say, this was the worst buffet we’ve ever been to.

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Personally, I have been to many buffets at different casinos all over the country. I’ve also tried different buffets outside of casinos. Let me say, The Eatery at Hard Rock Casino made Golden Corral look like a 5-star-restaurant.

Prices for the buffet were pretty standard compared to other casinos not including Vegas where you can see some major ones go for $40, $50 on up. Lunchtime was $12.95 and dinner ranged from $22.95 to $29.95 depending on the night. Of course, we were there on the most expensive night, which was roughly $32 per person not including gratuity.

Getting food from the buffet has changed since the pandemic. Any soups, salads and chilled seafood had to be ordered through your server who brought it out to you.

Then all the other stations were served cafeteria style. You grabbed a tray, walked to each station, and they handed you a small plate worth of food. It was great for portion control and minimizing food waste.

Here’s a brief look inside:

Well, where do we begin?

The salad was pretty standard as far as buffets go. But the difference everything that accompanied the salad were not even average which was the expectation. The croutons were soggy and had zero crunch; very weird if you’re a texture person like one of the people in our party.

I had the lobster bisque soup and it was the fishiest smelling lobster bisque ever. It tasted like it was spoiled and heated 12 days later.

Anything fish related, including the shrimp, tasted off. The egg rolls may have been frozen and sitting in the freezer too long. The pork in the Asian food lacked any seasoning. The miso soup tasted as if it was watered down. The desserts were average, but they weren’t worth the effort of having to eat dinner there first. I shouldn’t attack everything, as the prime rib was OK even though most of it was fat.

The Eatery Worst Buffet

To make matters worse, the service left a lot to be desired. There were times we asked for refill on drinks and didn’t even get them. That was unfortunate because the best tasting item of the night was the Dr. Pepper.

Buffets are usually pretty lackluster and the expectation and we always temper our expectations when going to one. But this was by far the worst buffet ever.

When you go to a casino, you win some and you lose some. At The Eatery, we had a losing night.

Happy Dining

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