Torchy’s Tacos has left the Wichita market

Torchy's Tacos

We have some breaking news to report. As of today, Torchy’s Tacos has permanently closed both locations in Wichita.

There were two stores in town at 2901 N. Maize Road that opened in 2021 and the original location at 2191 N. Rock Road which debuted in 2020.

It’s unfortunate news for the business that poured a lot into east renovation and the complete new build for the west side.

The Austin-based chain originally announced a few years ago that they were coming to Wichita. There was lots of fanfare about the news, but that didn’t equate to customers over time. A rough opening and multiple management changes took place at the east store, and in the end, the Wichita market didn’t embrace Torchy’s as they hoped for.

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3 thoughts on “Torchy’s Tacos has left the Wichita market”

  1. That really doesn’t surprise me. I was the mail man for the westside when the opened all the way to about 3 months ago and the staff was rude often. And also you are right this town doesn’t support expensive food. When my lunch there was over 12 bucks, that just isn’t worth it to the middle class I don’t think.

  2. Also didn’t help it was $25 for 4 tacos when you could drive 5 more min and get 4 tacos for $8 that you’d have rather spent $25 on, because they were actually good. Torchy’s was just fancy taco swill, a restaurant bent on looking pretty instead of making actually good food that keeps it’s self in the back of your mind when ever your hungry. It had fancy menu items that after ordering left disappointment and took your money.

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