First Look at ADV Forest Grill – A new hibachi grill in Andover

There’s a new hibachi grill in Andover, KS. ADV Forest Grill quietly opened last week and we dropped by to check out one of the latest restaurants to pop up in the city that’s relatively short on local dining options.

420 S. Andover Rd., Andover, KS 67002

Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 11am – 3pm
Closed on Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

The Japanese restaurant in Andover has just one Teppanyaki table towards the back of the restaurant, where diners can watch a chef prepare the food right in front of them. It’s similar to the other options in town, and the chef used to work at one of those restaurants in Wichita.

adv forest grill

To start our meal, we ordered some gyoza and egg rolls for the kids. They plowed right through the appetizers.

For our regular entrees, we all went with the Shogun Adv Forest Special which included a filet, chicken, and lobster along with a side of fried rice. The meal was accompanied by a salad with ginger dressing. They were fairly light on the dressing, but otherwise, it was pretty decent.

After the apps and salad, the show began.

Who doesn’t love a fun show, watching the food prepared in front of you? Apparently only my daughter, who for whatever reason was scared of the fire and loud noises. After contemplating disowning her, we sat there and watched the chef do his thing. He was energetic, all smiles, and sometimes over the top, but in a funny way.

More importantly, though, how was the food?

The fried rice, I’d say, was decent but could have used a little more butter. If you really love your fried rice at these style of restaurants to be really unhealthy and loaded with butter, this may not be for you or you may want to ask the chef to use more.

The rest of our meals were cooked as ordered. I asked for my filet to be rare, and that it was. The shrimp and lobster were spot on, and the veggies were more on the mushy side. Everything tasted good, but we wouldn’t say great. If I were to rank the Teppenyaki/Hibachi options in Wichita, I would probably rank ADV Forest Grill below the likes of Kobe, Sumo and Old Tokyo Steakhouse. That’s not to say it’s bad because it isn’t, but it wasn’t on those levels of the longer established options.

One area of improvement could possibly be adding more sauce options. The only sauce they had for the food was a ginger. On the flip side, one area they really excelled at was service. It was definitely on the better end compared to the other places.  So, there were positive and negative takeaways.

ADV Forest Grill’s food is worth a try, especially if you live in east Wichita, or more importantly Andover, where this style of food is a rarity.

Want to watch ADV Forest Grill in action? Here you go.

Here’s the menu:

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