First Look at Gladiator Arcade and Pizzeria

Gladiator Arcade and Pizzeria

The latest family-friendly restaurant to open is Gladiator Arcade & Pizzeria, located at 1930 S. Oliver. The new eatery features a pizza buffet and an arcade complete with prizes.

They opened at the beginning of 2023 and we stopped by roughly a week after their grand opening date.

1930 S Oliver Ave, Wichita, KS 67218

Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Monday
(Hours are subject to change)

Cash/Card Accepted

I hate writing reviews like this, so here goes nothing…

You could tell they were still trying to figure things out. When I arrived around dinner time, there were only two pizzas out that looked as though they had been sitting out for a while. There was a section of pastas that looked as though they were sitting there even longer. As I was walking through the buffet, which is served cafeteria style, they mixed it around and determined it was time to get tossed. The chicken was nearly gone.

So, I asked for two slices of Hawaiian pizza and waited for more food. The pizza was very stiff and cold. I made the most of it and ate the slices.

Soon after, they restocked the pizza and fried chicken. They had fresh pepperoni and beef pizzas ready to go.

The staff brought me two plates with beef slices and two legs. They were piping hot and I was ready to dig in.

The fried chicken was extremely meaty. My issue with it was the flavor; it was bland. The skin, while crispy, had no flavor to it. It had everything going for it, plenty of meat, juicy, good texture, but the most important part, the taste, was missing. On the bright side, the pizza was better; very cheesy, not much beef on it, but certainly, my pick for best dish of the night.

I hate of that because the service was excellent. They were kind, gracious, and looked to be trying.

I, so, want this place to succeed because the area of town deserves a family-friendly option. Here’s to hoping they get the kinks out over time and determine the right timing to get pizzas out, which I’m sure isn’t an easy thing.

If you’re curious about pricing, it cost $14.99 for adults, $13.49 for senior, kids 4-12 pay their age, and 3 and under are free. That’s a little more than most pizza buffets around town, which I’m sure is something many people will take into consideration.

As for the arcade, I did not partake, but did snap some pictures for you all.

So yeah, that’s my experience at Gladiator Arcade and Pizzeria. Definitely a rough first visit, with plenty of room for improvement, which I’m hoping for.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining

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