Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken Revisited

We were feeling fried chicken one evening. I could have gone with one of our staples, but I wanted to introduce the family to a place they haven’t tried before. It’s been years since I last stopped by, so this was a good time for me to revisit a place while showing others something new to them. And with that, I dropped by Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken.

4206 E Harry, Wichita, KS 67218

Monday – Thursday: 10:45am – 9:30pm
Friday: 10:45am – 10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11am – 9:30pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken went through an ownership change since my last visit.

The most significant addition was a little mini convenience store at the east end of the restaurant. I was good on milk, chips and other snacks, so I stepped back to the restaurant side.

I went with a mix of fried chicken and fish. Their menu said, “Best Gumbo In Town“. That’s a bold statement and I had to put it to the test.

The first thing I dug into was the gumbo. Best gumbo in town? Nope. Second-best gumbo in town? Nope. Third-best gumbo in town? Nope. Tenth-best gumbo in town? Nope. It wasn’t all that rich or flavorful, and lacking lots of spice and seasoning. If I were to take the glass half full approach, would definitely put it in the top 100 in town.

Next up was the mac and cheese, which the kids found to be pretty good. It was creamy, cheesy and all the makings of a good fast food side.

In my original visit to Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken, I remembered the chicken to be surprisingly pretty good, and this time was slightly underwhelming. The chicken was extremely crispy, but was rather bland and dry. I was told it would be spicy and there wasn’t a bit of heat in it. On the bright side, it was meaty.

The fish pieces were thin and one of the less meaty options I’ve seen around town.

In hindsight, maybe I should have just went to the convenience store side, grabbed a gallon of milk and a box of Lucky Charms and called it good.

Happy Dining,

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