5 of My Favorite Local Podcasts in Wichita

In the past year, I started listening to podcasts. Because a couple of friends appeared on various podcasts, I slowly got into them.

As someone who didn’t previously listen to them, the thing that clicked with me was listening to ones where people who intrigued me were being interviewed. Listening to stories from local people became quite fascinating to me. I know there are so many podcast out there, but these local podcasts grabbed my attention so much more because I related to a lot of what they are saying. The interview style podcast with local folks is definitely my style.

And since, I’m big on supporting fellow content creators, some I know and others I don’t, I wanted to share some of my favorite podcast that I, personally, listen to. Many of these I’ve been asked to be a part of but just haven’t taken that leap yet to share my story on a podcast. Maybe one day. Hell, maybe one day I’ll even start my own podcast and put it on my YouTube channel (cheap plug: go give me a follow!). It’s been something I’ve thought about over the last few years. Even went as far as to record one but hated the end result and never recorded the other one.

Careers Over Beers

Show Description: Careers Over Beers is an interview podcast where Jesse Kraus enjoys a drink with someone from a completely different occupation and dives into their daily lives on the job and their journey there. All of the horror stories, success stories, and insider secrets come out during the hilarious and insightful episodes.

My favorite way to tune in: YouTube

What I love about it: Podcast host, Jesse Kraus, has a true NFG (Google that term if you haven’t heard of it) approach to the podcast. You can tell he’s truly there to have fun and just have a chat with someone.His approach is how I approach this blog. Plus Kraus is hilarious.

Aaron & Austin Show

Show Description: The Aaron and Austin Show is a podcast filmed in Wichita, KS, for local art and promotions.

My favorite way to tune in: YouTube

What I love about it: This is a relatively new show for me. I just started tuning in weeks ago and love the guest. They interview down-to-earth everyday regular people who work in the industry in some capacity whether it’s the arts, music, restaurants. They are more tuned in to the local music scene, which is something that doesn’t get enough pub in town.

Wichita Life Podcast

Show Description: Highlighting interesting people in and from Wichita.

My favorite way to tune in: Spotify

What I love about it: I’m a huge Wichita Lift fan and an advocate for what their podcast host, Landon Huslig, does in the community. He’s had some really cool guests on the show.

ICT Podcast

Show Description: Brandon Paulseen talks with entrepreneurs and people who do difficult things at the highest level.

My favorite way to tune in: Spotify

What I love about it: I’ve never met the podcast host before, but this guy truly has a voice cut out for podcast. Of all the podcast I listen to, he’s the most polished and does a great job with his interview style.

The Roundhouse Podcast

Show Description: Wichita State University’s Paul Suellentrop interviews Shocker sports stars about their time at WSU.

My favorite way to tune in: Apple

What I love about it: I’m a huge Shocker fan along with a fan of everything former WSU beat writer, Paul Suellentrop, does. It’s great to hear from the greats and future stars of the Wichita State sports programs.

If you love local podcast that aren’t interview styles, I would also recommend Hardheaded Podcast who’s co-hosted by local foodie, Troy Trussel from Live Local ICT. You can tune in via YouTube.

I also wish the guys from Wichita Brewing Podcast would bring back, Under the Lid.

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