Coming Soon: The Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series

Finally, the wheels have been set in motion. Something I’ve always wanted to do is get a group of readers into a restaurant, have a private dinner where it’s just us without any of the noises or distractions of the world. Sit down, break bread, meet new people, try different foods, learn about a restaurant, and talk about whatever is on our mind. That’s the idea behind the upcoming Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series.

I’ve been in talks with a couple of restaurants. The gameplan is to have a group dinner when on the night a restaurant is closed. Let the restaurant owner, chef, whomever do whatever they want. This is a time to let them fully express themselves through food, perhaps test out a new dish, or serve something they may never ever put on the menu. It’s an opportunity to let readers get better connected with the artist who prepare the wonderful works of art we call food.

Seating would be limited to allow for intentional conversations about the restaurant industry, what we love, what we like, unfiltered, uncensored, basically what it would be like if you were shooting the proverbial shit with friends. Wear whatever the hell you want, odds are I’ll be in a ballcap. This isn’t 5-star suit and tie dining, but it’ll be a 5-star time. Plus, I just want to meet random readers in a setting where I vibe with and I need to get rid of some of these Wichita By E.B. cups that have been sitting around in my office.

I’m working on finalizing some dates, but they will be very limited in seating and it’s not going to be your $10, $20, $30 meal. I want these restaurant owners to be taken care of for their time, especially opening on a night they typically would be closed.

Stay tuned for more. I can’t wait to grub with some of you.

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