First Look at Filemons Mexican Food

Filemons Mexican Food

A new restaurant has opened in the former Sorrel’s Jamaican Food and Next Level Cafe space at 3802 E. Harry. It’s Filemon’s Mexican Food and according to their Facebook profile, it’s where you can find the most authentic Mexican food in Kansas.

3802 E Harry St., Wichita, KS 67218

Open Daily: 11am – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted

The menu at Filemon’s Mexican Food features tacos, seafood dishes, tostadas, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas and more.

I’ve seen some pictures of their food and it all looked good. When I was there, a couple of ladies had a plate of nachos that looked like the size of Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the biggest appetite and was in the mood for a few tacos. The lady at the counter did inform me that their tacos were large so I only went with two: an adobada and carne asada. I also ordered a side of rice and beans.

From the looks of things, I ordered a guacamole taco with a side of adobada and asada.

Filemons Mexican Food

With the overly generous amounts of guacamole, it made for one of the worst and messiest taco eating experiences ever. Picking up the taco was a chore in itself. The flour taco shells immediately got soggy and everything fell apart. I made a few attempts to pick up the tacos and next thing I know my hands were as green as Oscar the Grouch.

I gave up and just ate the tacos with a fork. Unfortunately, the meats were less than impressive. The carne asada could have used some seasoning or something. I found it to be pretty bland.

On the bright side, the rice and beans were excellent and the highlight of my lunch.

After looking at the pictures of all their food, it seems like I ordered the wrong thing. I would have been better off getting nachos or a burrito.

On my way out, I did notice they still had a Wichita By E.B. sticker from a previous restaurant. I thought about taking my sticker back, but my hands were still messy from all the guacamole.

Filemons Mexican Food

Next time I go, it’s definitely a different dish for me.

Here’s their menu:

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