Purchasing tamales off the side of the road from Tamales Marycano

Tamales Marycano

If you see someone sitting in the back of a truck selling tamales off the side of the road, what do you do? I respect the hustle so 9 times out of 10, I’m going to stop and that’s what I did when I came across Tamales Marycano.

They were parked off to the side of QuickTrip at 3945 S Meridian Ave.

Cash Only

It was a blistery day when I dropped by, with weather in the teens, so I really respected the hustle that particular afternoon.

Their menu, made from cardboard (bonus points for using one of the 3 R’s, reuse), had three types of tamales: pork and red, chili with cheese and chicken in green verde sauce. A dozen tamales set me back $17.

Tamales Marycano

I asked them which one they liked most and the gentleman said chicken, so that’s what I went with. He dug into one of the coolers and handed me a ziplock bag of tamales.

Tamales Marycano

Immediately after, I had one goal in mind: get home and eat.

Tamales Marycano

They were wonderful. The verde sauce was light in flavor, but still powerful enough to really hit those taste buds. I loved the balance of masa ad chicken. I knocked out half of the tamales and made sure to save the other half for dinner.

Tamales Marycano

After looking through their Facebook page, it appears not only is their food wonderful, but so are the people running Tamales Marycano.

A few weeks back, a customer left behind their wallet with a sizeable amount of money. They shared a picture of the wallet and made sure to get it back in the hands of the rightful owner. I respect not only the hustle, the food, but also the honesty.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be at next.

Happy Dining,

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