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Happy Friday! It’s February 3, and we’re here with our new recap of what’s taken place in Wichita over the past week.

Can you believe we are already 1/12th through the year?

The Wichita Buzz is split into three major parts. LoveLaugh. Learn.

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Appreciating the Industry
With the help of such partners like Xclusive Events, Brick & Mortar, and LDF Sales & Distribution, Una Vida Tequila hosted the first Una Vida Industry Appreciation Night. Food was provided by Twin Peaks East and Pinole Blue. This was strictly for those people who worked in the industry. It was a night to celebrate them and by all accounts, it was an outstanding time which makes me want to get a job in restaurants so I can go next year. Bravo to Una Vida and all those involved in making it possible. Next year, I may consider making a donation of aspirin or Pedialite to all partygoers to help the next morning. (More)

Picture courtesy of Xclusive Events Facebook Page

Enjoy the Ride
If you’ve ever used Bike Share ICT, this is some great news for you. It’s Wichita’s very own bike transportation system. And thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas who donated $360,000 to the program. (More)

Family’s Best Friend Returns 8 Years Later
Imagine losing your dog. How long would it be until you gave up the search? One family lost their beagle eight years ago. Then last month, they received a call about a microchipped dog found 1,400 miles away in Idaho. It was their dog! The Wichita family was reunited with their dog last month. (More)


Winter Is Coming…. For Six More Weeks
Punxsutawney Phil woke up on Groundhog’s Day and saw his shadow. What’s that mean for Wichita? Well, if you believe the legend, then it’ll be six more weeks of winter… mixed in with some tornados, earthquakes and at least one day when it’s 100 degrees and people will be out on the golf course  (More)

Twice the Fun on St. Patrick’s Day
This isn’t so much a laugh at story, but more of a laugh and have a great time story. March 11 is set to be an extremely jam packed day of St. Patrick’s Day fun. First there will be the Delano Paddy Day Parade which replaces the former Delano St. Patrick’s Day Parade and there is also the Wagon O’Masters Paddy Party put on by the Wichita Wagonmasters. If you dare say there’s nothing to do that weekend, buy a train ticket and leave Wichita.


Echo Hills Finally Gets a Change
Remember when the Echo Hills Golf Course closed in hopes of a major development? It looks like many years later that time may finally be here as a STAR bond was approved by the Park City Council on Tuesday. What are the chances a car wash, Mexican restaurant and a Pay Day loans business is coming? (More)

Second-Large Private Investment in Kansas History
Kansas-based Integra Technologies announced they plan to invest $1.8 billion in a large-scale semiconductor facility in Wichita. This is the second-largest private investment in Kansas history. The company plans to build and expand a 1-million-square-foot facility and headquarters in Wichita, creating nearly 2,000 high-paying jobs averaging $51,000 in wages. (More)

Delta Delta Delta
Delta-8 users and sellers will want to take notice. Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett said that when law enforcement officers bring him evidence of Delta-8 THC crimes, he is ready to file charges when appropriate. Someone is always trying to ruin the fun. (More)

Why Can’t People Just Have Fun Without the Violence?
Two violent incidents took place last weekend. Two people were shot at Onyx nightclub last Saturday (More). Meanwhile, three others were shot at Rock Island Live. Fortunately, they arrested the culprit. (More)

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> Westway Marketplace flea market set to lose many vendors due to rent increase.

Wichita State Shockers almost had their biggest win of the season but fell short against No. 3 Houston.

Want to catch up on some Chiefs memorabilia and gear in anticipation of the Super Bowl? Rock’s Dugout may be the answer.

A restaurant building is yours for free. All you have to do is pick it up.

Just announced, Christ Stapleton is coming to Wichita.

Former Shocker, Fred VanVleet recorded his second career triple double on Wednesday.

Yuengling hits Wichita bars and restaurants next week.

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