Tutors Pizza closes their original location permanently

Tutors Pizza

After roughly six months, Tutors Pizza has announced they have closed their original flagship location at 524 S. Seneca. This was a little over a month after they closed their Tutors Pizza Express store at 3817 W. 13th St.

The owner made the news public via their Facebook. It confirmed speculation of a possible closure when people saw restaurant supplies being sold on Facebook marketplace.

With the closing of both locations in the past two months, Tutors Pizza has no open stores at the moment. While they noted that they plan to reopen, no comment was made on the possibility of a Goddard location, since it’s listed as coming soon on their website.

In their Facebook post, they stated, “Somewhere along the lines it was misguided and mishandled and became more focused on financial gain and growth. That was never the intention for this company. It has led to many mistakes and failures.”

As for the building 524 S. Seneca, it remains to be seen what will come as it’s been quite the tumultuous time for any restaurant that has opened. From Tight Ends to Clutch House and most recently Tutors Pizza, they’ve all had their own sets of issues.

Should I hear of any more information, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

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