A food review at the JV track meet at Northwest High School

One of the kids had a track meet at Northwest High School. I’m 20+ years removed from my days of running track and completely forgot how long the meets were. It was a four-hour day in the windy, cold weather; so cold my fingers and ears went numb. That didn’t prevent me from getting hungry, though.

I saw someone cooking some hot dogs and figured, why not turn this brisk day (and evening) into a food review?

JV Track Meet Northwest High School

I walked up to the concession stand where they had a mix of hot dogs, drinks, nachos, chips, and plenty of candy to choose from.

JV Track Meet Northwest High School

My daughter was insistent on getting something too to review; she’s getting too wise for her age.

I went with a hot dog and she ordered a ring pop. She told me it was multi-colored and delicious. So if you ever attend a track meet at Northwest this year, the ring pops received rave reviews from the family of Wichita By E.B. bloggers.

The hot dog wasn’t bad. For three dollars, I received a dog, a bun, and unlimited access to condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and relish. I loved the char at the end, it had that flavor reminiscent of being in someone’s backyard. We also had a bag of Funyuns because you can’t ever go wrong with Funyuns.

JV Track Meet Northwest High School

The service was outstanding. The ladies working the concession stand were friendly and quick on everything.

Next time, I’m trying the pickle.

Here’s the menu:

JV Track Meet Northwest High School

Happy Dining,

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