Details and ticket information for the Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series at Station 8 BBQ

Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series - Station 8 BBQ

I’ve been exchanging messages back and forth, trying to lock down details for the first-ever Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series.

If you missed out on the earlier announcement, the dinner series will take place at random restaurants around Wichita. We will do it on a day the restaurant is closed to allow for a more intimate, private event to truly experience the restaurant. During the dinner series, you’ll get to meet the chefs, owners, people who bring the magic to the eateries we love around town. We will eat whatever they serve us, no complaints, no substitutions, nothing. It’s your job to come with an open mind and an appetite. It’ll be plated meals with no menus. I’ve left it up to the kitchen staff to work their magic and decide what will be served.

Seating will be set up in a U-shaped arrangement, so everyone gets to meet each other, and talk food. I’ll be there coming out of server retirement helping serve food, taking on questions (bring me your best ones), and engaging with readers and fellow foodies around town. A tour of the restaurant will be available as well, along with a Q&A session. This is more than just a dinner, it’s an experience to put surround yourself with like-minded food lovers around town.

Enough Talk, Eddy, What Are The Details?

The first Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series will take place at Station 8 BBQ at 1100 E. 3rd St. on Monday, April 24. They’ve NEVER opened for dinner before, so this will be a cool experience. Seeing the old fire station, with the lights on in the evening, will be quite special. The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. Dinner, water, and their assortment of bottled soda/pop, whatever the hell you want to call it, will be included. Oh and everybody in attendance will get some not-so-cool Wichita By E.B. merch.

My friends over at Una Vida are also working on something special. Also, people will be allowed to bring in their own drinks.

Tickets for the event, which will be limited to 20, will be $85 a person. People will not be allowed to buy more than two. I’m guessing they’ll sell out.

How can someone purchase tickets?

I was trying to think of the fairest way to do tickets. First come, first serve is the only thing that comes to mind that’s fair. The link for ticket sales will go out Monday morning at 7 a.m. CT via our newsletter. The link will be sent out to all email subscribers, which you can sign up for below. Then on that day, the email goes out with the link and once all ~20 tickets are gone, they’re gone. I may hold two back for a surprise, and there just might be a wait list as we may open a few spots.

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The cost of the dinner series

As mentioned earlier, the ticket price is $85, which I understand isn’t the cheapest meal in town. Truth be told, this won’t be a cheap night. Obviously, the price of meat isn’t cheap, and because Station 8 BBQ is doing this on their day off, I 100% believe they should be compensated for their time and the price reflects that and the rare experience. To help keep cost down and less staff, I’m going to get my hands dirty and do a little serving that evening.

I won’t reveal the entire menu, but how does smoked prime rib sound? It’s never been done before at Station 8 BBQ so fans of their food will be in for a special treat.

The attire

Wear whatever the hell makes you feel comfortable. Do NOT come in your Sunday’s finest. This will be a down to earth, laid back, chill mode, non-pretentious dinner experience. No snooty shit… or attitudes allowed.

What else to expect

I have no idea really how this will turn out. You grub with people who love food as much as I do. It’s extremely rare that I put myself out there with readers, so let’s have fun conversations over some drinks. I’ve lost count of the number of times, people have messaged me asking to grab lunch or dinner. Now is that time.

My goal in life is to live for the moments and have fun. That’s what the purpose of this night will be.

And if you can’t make this one, I’m sorry. But there will be another one planned as the Rickard brothers over at FioRito Ristorante will be the next installment of the Wichita By E.B. Dinner Series. The third one is currently in the works as well!

Good luck on getting tickets!

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