First Look at Pollos Al Carbon – A worthwhile west side taco truck

Pollos Al Carbon

The further east or west you travel, the less food trucks you’ll see. A majority of them are often found near downtown or in the north or south parts of town; that’s just the nature of the business. When I see a new one regularly parked somewhere that doesn’t see a lot of food truck action, I’m pretty excited. One of the newest trucks just started operating by the gas station at the northeast corner of Kellogg and Tyler. It’s called Pollos Al Carbón.

1254 S. Tyler Road, Wichita, KS 67209

Daily: 11am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

This was one of those stops that wasn’t planned. I was on my way to Tex Consolver Golf Course when I saw them out and about. Instead of heading to the course early to get some practice swings in, I opted for tacos because I thought that may help my swing more than practice.

Pollos Al Carbon’s menu featured charcoal grilled chicken, tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, aquas frescas and more.  Since I didn’t have much time, I ordered four tacos; two al pastor and two lengua. It took about 5-6 minutes and I rushed to my car.

These tacos weren’t your smaller street taco sizes, but of the larger variety. 3-4 should do the trick for the average appetite.

After my first bite, I knew exactly how the rest of the tacos (and this review) would turn out. They were excellent. The al pastor had diced up pineapple inside to give it an extra bit of sweetness. Even without the pineapples, these tacos were great, tender, with full of flavor. It was so good, I would consider ordering a bowl of just the meat and eating it straight out of the bowl. As for the lengua, one again an exceptional taco. The meat was soft with a rich and umami savory flavor. Even after four tacos, I knew I was getting full. But it was the type of full, you wanted more of, despite knowing how bloated you’d feel.

Pollos Al Carbon

The tacos were so good, I had to stop by Tacos Al Carbon on my way back after golf simply to compliment the team working the food truck.

These guys are parked out west regularly, so if you’re passing by, it’s a worthwhile stop.

My only criticism is the tacos did not help my golf game.

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Here’s the menu:

Pollos Al Carbon

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