Reviewing Emerson Biggins food during a 10-hour bender

Much of the weekend was spent at Emerson Biggins out west, enjoying the first round of March Madness. It was an all-day affair filled with drinks, shots, and mixed in with some food. How was the food as the night progressed? Let’s check in.

2330 N Maize Road #100, Wichita, KS 67205

Sunday – Friday: 11am – 12am
Saturday: 10:30am – 12am

Cash/Card Accepted

To start our day, we ordered some pizzas and split among a big group of friends.

They were definitely underwhelming. The crust didn’t do much to enhance things, as it was hard and dry.

Plus, the staff could have done a better job with the toppings disbursement. All in all, it wasn’t that impressive. Before anybody says, “You went to a bar, what did you expect?”, there are some really good pizzas at bars around town.

Fast-forward hours and hours later, mixed in with plenty of green tea shots. Somebody ordered Oodles Of Noodles, which was ground beef with their house fried noodles topped with grilled onions, & Parmesan cheese. Similar to the pizza, the Parmesan cheese disbursement was odd. It was mostly in the middle and not much of it. As for the grilled onions, that was like Where’s Waldo. The worst part of it, this meal tasted like grease. A few people tried this meal and all shared the same sentiment. This was worse than the pizza.

After a quick round of more shots, we ordered a 20-piece of wings. We had the buffalo and teriyaki sauces. This was much better, but some wings were fried a little too long, as the meat was extremely dry. Then some wings were fantastic.

Then towards the very end of the night, more shots including an Irish Car Bomb later, I had this sudden urge to order some tater tots.

Maybe it was the liquor talking, but this was easily the best meal of the night. It was a big hit for random people at the table, who kept reaching over and grabbing some tots in their stupors as well. They were crispy and piping hot.

My biggest takeaway from the night was our server. The bar was packed and she did such an incredible job of taking care of so many customers.

The drinks and shots coming in hot all day and night long. We had a great time.

The only downside was most of the food we ordered during our long bender, except for those tater tots. Good god. Those were a lifesaver.

I’m reporting all this the next day and now need a greasy burger for my hangover, any suggestions?

Happy Dining,

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