A sneak into at Shawarma UR’s; a build-your-own shawarma restuarant

Uno Mas

Signage is still on order, but the former Uno Mas Fresh Mex place will soon be a build-your-own shawarma restaurant called Shawarma UR’s.

Located at 8641 W. 13th St., the Mediterranean restaurant is still awaiting some things before opening, which could be anytime in the next week or two.

When they do open, customers can expect affordable, convenient (yes, they’ll be utilizing the drive-thru) and freshly made meals.

The menu at Shawarma UR’s is $9. If you get pita bread, a rice bowl, Fattoush bowl, poutine or hummus bowl, it’s all $9. From there, customers can make it a meal for $3 and that includes a drink and a side.

Ordering is simple if you’ve ever been to a place like Chipotle. You pick your vessel, which is either the bread, bowl, or fries. Then you choose the protein: beef, chicken, or falafel. After that, you can go crazy with the toppings like lettuce, pickled turnips, pickles, spicy red cabbage, French fries, tabouli, all at no additional cost.

Shawarma UR's

Over the past week, they’ve had a stress test along with inviting different culinary students from nearby high schools; all to prepare for the opening and share their food. I stopped by one afternoon to get a sneak peek at what they can do.

They prepared nearly the entire menu, including the classic chicken shawarma and beef shawarma sandwich, the Fattoush bowl, and rice bowl with various proteins. Here’s a look at some of those dishes.

My favorite item was easily the chicken shawarma sandwich that was made with an optional spicy garlic sauce, I believe. It had a sharp spicy kick but it was not so much heat that I couldn’t take it anymore. More so, the type of spice you wanted more of and could easily take. My next favorite was the Fattoush bowl with beef. There was plenty of food to go around in each bowl. I know it

While no official opening date has been set, I think the future is bright for Shawarma UR’s. They have a quick and easy concept that is very affordable. I’ll definitely be checking back in when they officially open.

8641 W 13th St. N, Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 9pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

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