The hidden gem of family fun in Wichita: O.J. Watson Park

O.J. Watson Park

One of the little secret family fun gems is O.J. Watson Park. Nearly all of my time there has been spent playing in sand volleyball tournaments at the park, but I never knew about all the other amenities they offered. That is until I became a dad.  This was where I held one of my daughter’s birthday parties which ended up being a fantastic time. One of my friends suggested O.J. Watson and after looking into it, the park was a no-brainer for a day of fun with family and friends.

There’s more to do than I ever thought. From glancing at their webpage, You can rent kayaks and pedal boats, play miniature golf and sand volleyball, ride the train around the park or take the little ones on a pony ride. There are different shelters you can rent to host your parties.

Shelters like the one seen below can be rented for $30-90 for three hours. The one we rented was $45 for three hours and was near the playground.

The activities are affordable as well. All the rides including miniature golf is just $4 a person.

The train was such a fun time. We took all thirty people at the party around the park. The kids especially loved this part of the day.

The hard working ponies of Watson Park just might be the cherry on top. Sorry adults, riders must be under the age of 10, under 60 pounds and be able to hold onto the saddle by themselves. Adults are required to assist the rider on and off the pony and will walk beside them during the ride.

My daughter was raving about this experience.

Some kids spent time on the water, while the younger kids made a beeline for the playground equipment. Others had the opportunity to play miniature golf.

Everyone was quite impressed with O.J. Watson Park. There was so much to do and the employees did a fantastic job of keeping the place clean and tidy.

O.J. Watson Park is located at 3022 S McLean Blvd. For more information, you can visit their webpage.

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