I tried the limited edition Nissin Breakfast Ramen and loved every second of it

Nissin Breakfast Ramen

When I saw Nissin was getting ready to release breakfast flavored ramen noodles, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day prank. But fortunately, it wasn’t because it may be the best ramen product I’ve ever had.

At first glance, the idea of breakfast ramen didn’t sound appealing. This is the same company that put out pumpkin spice noodles, which didn’t get good reviews.

Still, I had to give them a try and found them at Walmart for $1.69.

It had the same look and feel as their other cup noodles products. There was the broth powder, dehydrated noodles and the hard bits of egg and sausage that made me question what I was about to get myself into. I took a deep breath, told myself to keep an open mind, and filled the cup to the fill line with tap water. Then, reluctantly walked over to the microwave and set it for four minutes.

Nissin Breakfast Ramen

An aroma of artificial maple syrup began to fill my kitchen, which I wasn’t opposed to.

After four minutes, the liquid and broth magically transformed into a sauce that the noodles soaked up. Everything smelled pretty good and, surprisingly, tasted even better.

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but these were the best ramen cup noodles I’ve ever had. Breakfast ramen… who would have thought!?!?!

Everything in the cup was perfectly balanced. There was a mix of sweet, savory, and salty. The small bits of egg and sausage paired so well with the noodles. It tasted like I was eating pancakes.

Nissin Breakfast Ramen

I looked over at my counter and noticed I only had three left. Instant regret set in; I should have purchased more.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you can manage to get your hands on one. Do so.

Happy Dining,

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